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Sample Sheet Metal Projects

Dynamic Fabrication specializes in sheet metal manufacturing including cutting, bending, rolling, forming, stamping and welding sheet metal.  Components manufactured through sheet metal fabrication are used in a variety of applications such as enclosures, computer equipment, HVAC components, kitchen and sanitary equipment, machine tools and other industrial applications. Dynamic Fabrication offers a diverse range of processes used to fashion sheet metal into usable products.

Dynamic Fabrication can fabricate difficult sheet metal parts and assemblies. We specialize in meeting tight dealines. Here are few samples of the thousands of sheet metal projects we've done over our 30 year history.



dolly with sheet metal skin sheet metal tubes 26 inch diameter

Prototype Dolly with Sheet Metal Skin

26" Diameter Tubes
Rolled, Welded, Formed & Machine


sample sheet metal assemblies and parts inconel formed welded assembly
Various Ducts & Sheet Metal Brackets
Brass, Copper & Stainless Steel
Inconel Formed Welded Assembly


sheet metal baskets, tubes, and brackets rolled sheet metal inconel tube burners
Various Bent, Rolled & Punched
Brackets, Covers & Clips
Welded & Rolled Sheet Metal
Inconel Tube Burners


sheet metal counter top
Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Counter Top


Water jacketed stainless steel vacuum chamber Vacuum chamber
Water Jacketed Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber Vacuum Chamber


Stainless steel sheet metal water trough
Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Water Trough for Plastic Extrusion Line

Dynamic Fab's sheet metal forming processes include bending and forming, rolling, stamping, punching, welding, and hardware creation.  Bending and forming processes are used to shape the sheet metal to its final shape.  In the rolling process, a series of roll stands is used to progressively shape or bend a strip of flat-rolled metal to a desired cross section.  Punching is the process of punching holes in the sheet metal.


Sheet Metal Fabrication by Dynamic Fabrication
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